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Our Club

Dosthill Colts FC was formed in 1990 and has been providing football opportunities to the people of Tamworth and surrounding areas since this time. In 2015, the club relinquished its ties with Coleshill Town FC and is now a stand alone club progressing from strength to strength.


Our Pedigree

Our Club is very highly regarded and through the expert coaching our young players receive, our youth players progress their skills to a high standard. Dosthill Colts FC have representative teams in the Tamworth and Central Warwickshire Leagues and our aim is to build on the strong foundations that we have in place and to strengthen the reputation of our Club in Tamworth and surrounding areas. Dosthill Colts FC currently run a soccer school and has teams playing through Under 7’s to Under 13’s.

Dosthill Colts FC have strong connections with Professional Clubs, such as Birmingham City FC, Aston Villa FC, Walsall FC, West Bromwich Albion FC and Derby County FC and through reputation alone, our teams, of all ages, have been asked to attend professional clubs to play against their academy teams.

Our Philosophy

Dosthill Colts Football Club’s aim is to provide a good standard of football coaching that helps children learn to play, improve, enjoy and continuing playing football into their adult life.

The players are the most important part of the Football club and therefore our coaches aim to provide a fun, friendly environment in which to learn how to play competitive football.

Football should be enjoyable and this is emphasised by the coaches, making training sessions age appropriate, while striving to improve the players individual skills, Coaches also encourage fair play and teamwork whilst keeping discipline within the squad.

The long term aim of the club is to produce teams who can eventually compete at a good standard in leagues and cup competitions, this means that the long term development of the players is valued higher than immediate success.  The club defines success as improving players and teams over time, by rewarding performance and effort rather than just the result. Learning to accept defeat is just as important.

Players benefit from playing a variety of small sided games (SSG’s) in training, allowing more touches on the ball and many different skills and tactics by using conditioned rules – they are also far more fun than standing in lines waiting or running without a ball.

Coaches give praise and offer constructive criticism when required, and set a good example to the players in their behaviour at matches and training.

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Team Selection

As much as coaches are aware, the club also recognises that children are aware of each other’s ability. This is true from an early age. Therefore the coaches should not be expected to offer equal playing time at all age groups but should adopt a selection which allows fair playing time, taking into account players ability, confidence and fitness (not all kids have the same energy or it may be more beneficial to some players to have spells on and off during matches, to recover or to be given advice from the coach).

A team will benefit in the long term from a rotation of players while keeping a nucleus of currently more confident players, which gives the less confident players the chance to develop and also offers a reasonable challenge to the opposition without delivering or receiving a landslide scoreline.

From under 10’s upwards the coach may choose to begin selecting the team to become more competitive, by this age the players are aware of their own abilities compared to others and this can cause problems between the children.
This means competition for team places and the coach should balance this competition with the player’s development needs and the interests of keeping squad together.

Winning Vs Development


It’s become a taboo word, not just in football but in all youth sports. Most recently the debate has become an issue of coaches choosing winning or development, as if they are mutually exclusive. Coaches who develop players the right way don’t have to choose either or because winning and development go hand in hand.

Winning matters. But development matters more.

All the coaches at Dosthill Colts FC try to instill a “winning mentality” and develop players who are hungry and determined to give 100% at improving everything they do. If we inspire players to be hungry and motivated to improve constantly at whatever they do, soon the hunger to win games will also develop.

This approach works. Dosthill Colts FC has great success in the cup competitions and leagues across all age groups.

Meet the Commitee

If you have any questions or queries or would just like a chat with the club’s committee we always try to make ourselves available.

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Child Welfare Officer

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Media Coordinator

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